AN EVERLASTING GOSPEL DELIVERED BY LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU: THEME: FORGIVENESS: The great reward in practising the gospel of forgiveness is as exemplified by Our Lord Jesus Christ who asked His Father to forgive those who initiated His crucifixion. He knew that, if He did not forgive them, He would not have been forgiven by His Father. What sin is greater than that committed against Our Lord Jesus Christ? Yet He asked the Father to forgive His accusers and enemies because they did not know what they were doing.

Note that the people who crucified Our Lord Jesus Christ did not come forward to beg for forgiveness before He asked His Father to forgive them. Whoever you are, whatever position you have in this life or before God, if you fail to forgive your enemies, you have failed woefully! God alone has the duty to avenge for all humanity if they adhere to His injunctions. Whatever you do to someone else, God will  do the same, in the exact measure to you.God is your Father as well as the Father of the other person. You and your entire household, friends and enemies have the same Father. If anyone sins, he exposes himself to the Vengeance of God.

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